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Manage Your Passion


There is a sweet spot between attacking the investor and allowing the investor to dominate the discussion. Finding that sweet spot is “managing your passion”.

Passion is a very important part of starting your own business.  All investors, whether they be angels or venture capitalists, look for this passion on the part of the entrepreneur.  I have often heard investors say that if the entrepreneur isn’t passionate about his/her business idea how can they expect investors to be passionate.

One problem I have seen stem from passion is when an entrepreneur aggressively pushes back at potential investors in an overly aggressive manner.  If you have watched “Shark Tank” you have seen this more than once.  The “shark” questions some aspect of the presenter’s product or business model and the presenter attacks the shark.  An example that I recall is when the potential investor questioned the presenter’s technology and its ability to do what the presenter claims it can do. The entrepreneur then aggressively states that the investor simply does not understand the technology.
As you can imagine, the relationship took a serious downturn at this point and did not recover. 

The statement by the investor may have been true, however, the presenter must react in a respectful manner by asking the investor to provide an example or more detail on the comment and then listen attentively to the response and ask for a source of more information so the issue can be studied in more detail.  The end result of this discussion can often show that the investor is expressing an opinion that may not be backed up by facts.  At this point the entrepreneur should say thanks for the input and move on.

There is a sweet spot between attacking the investor and allowing the investor to dominate the discussion.  Finding that sweet spot is “managing your passion”.

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