IROC Tactical Logs First Sale of New AR-15 MD Firearms Accessory To Law Enforcement Agency---Oviedo Police Department

Winter Springs, Fla. --- IROC Tactical, the Winter Springs manufacturer of high tech firearms accessories, reported the first sale of its signature IROC 22LR Conversion Kits to a law enforcement agency.

The Oviedo Police Department acquired one dozen IROC MD 22-LRConversion Kits to help train officers in the safe use of the department’sAR-15 semi-automatic weapons.

Sergie Albino, president and chief executive officer ofIROC Tactical, said the IROC 22LR Conversion Kits was designed for seriousshooters and professionals such as police and recreational shooters who likeget more training, trigger time, on their AR-15 rifles without spending toomuch money on standard 223/5.56 ammunition. Instead, the IROC 22LR Conversion Kits allows the Oviedo PoliceDepartment to use 22LR ammo in their training. 

This not only has cost benefits but also long term healthbenefits.  From an Occupational Healthand Safety (OSHA) perspective, using the IROC 22LR Conversion Kit exposes theofficers in training to reduced hazardous noise exposure and concussive forceeffects that can lead to permanent hearing loss; see IROC Tactical’s article on“Concussive Force: the silent variable in hearing loss” in the June issue ofLaw Enforcement Technology magazine and (

IROC stands for Increases Reliability on CoMDat.

Sales of the IROC Tactical products to recreationalshooters have been strong and steady, Albino reported.

“The professional market is a huge one for us and we arevery pleased to have made our first sale with a reputable department in ourcommunity,” Albino said.

IROC Tactical is currently preparing a presentation for theGeorgia Association of Chiefs of Police, which could lead to significant lawenforcement sales, Albino said.

“We already have tests scheduled with several policedepartments and sheriff's offices in Georgia who are potential customers,” Albino said.

IROC's fully adjustable, tool-free muzzle device, otherflagship product, adapts to any AR-15 weapon platform. The device improvesaccuracy, reduces jamming and helps the shooter control the weapon---stay ontarget---under stressful operational conditions.

“Short-barrel gas operated weapons under 10.5 inches have afast cycle rate, which contributes to jamming and affects barrel climb,” saidRob McNeill, IROC’s chief operating officer and principal.

“The IROC MD properly tunes the cycle rate, increases theblow-back gas pressure and allows the bolt to remain open longer. Rounds ejectreliably and the bolt cycles more efficiently,” McNeill said.

The IROC MD’s tool-free adjustability enables the shooterto fire ammunition of different loads with the same consistent feel in everytrigger pull, according to McNeill.

“The IROC MD is the premier muzzle brake for any rifleplatform, from short-barreled rifles to long-range sniper platforms, providingshooters greater precision and a more enjoyable shooting experience,” McNeillsaid.

While not technically a sound suppressor as defined by theBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm (BATF), the IROC MD reduces the weapon’svisual and aural signature while it improves accuracy and precision, andcontrols unwanted recoil and barrel climb.

IROC is a subsidiary of Caveat Engineering, a technologycompany that focuses on innovative solutions to product development andmanufacturing.

For more details, specifications, videos, shooters reportsand online ordering visit or facebook/IROCTactical.

IROC Tactical is a client company of the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Programlocated at 1511 E. S.R. 434 in Winter Springs.

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